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The general rule in Horse Academy is to use your common sense and not be unpleasant.

No intentionally rude cussing or impolite behaviour

To make all players feel welcome, we want to keep chat a friendly, positive, and safe place. Words used in mean and impolite ways to attack other players or uncomfortable topics are not acceptable. We understand that context is important but remember that we have players of all ages. Please do not ask for/give personal information like age/location and avoid talking about intense topics like politics and religion. Please avoid talking about competitor games in Horse Academy Chat. We may remove a player from the chatroom or from the game at any time, at our discretion.

No repeated begging/trading/nagging/spamming

For everyone to get along, please only ask or request the same thing one time per chat view or every five minutes, whichever is longer. If you can still see your text, so can everyone else. Please do not trade a player without asking permission. If you want to trade, try being specific; “I am looking to trade (type of horse or money) for (type of horse or money)." If you need help, try doing your ranch goals and asking players questions in chat.

Report Unresolved Issues to the Horse Academy Community Page on Facebook

If there is an issue with Horse Academy, and it has not been fixed, please report the issue to the HA Community Page on FB in a private message. Avoid talking about it in chat or posting on other pages. In your report to the HA Community Page, please Include your chat name, and the specific issue. These “issues” include: bugs, extreme bad behavior in chat that has not been addressed by a Chat Helper, and inability to access the game.