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If you have a question that isnt in here feel free to ask in Horse Academy Chat!

General FAQs

Where can I go to earn money?

The Jobs Board is an amazing place to make money.

How do I earn Academy Dollars (ADs)?

Academy Dollars can be earned by purchasing them from the game, all you have to do is press the green plus sign next to your ADs amount when on your Ranch or press the BUY AD'S button at the top of chat. You can occasionally earn 1 ADs from your Daily Wheel. You can go to the Jobs Board and find a job that is paying Academy Dollars. You can occasionally win them in bingo when a generous player bingos one. You can purchase them from another player if they are selling them.

What if I have an issue when buying Academy Dollars?

Contact the HA Community Page or get support via email at support@blue-omega.com. You will want your message to explain thoroughly what is happening, any screenshots you have of the issue along with your in game name.

Where can I see my Academy Dollar and HA Cash transactions?

Go to the Alerts button and click on the appropriate tab for which you are looking for.

Horse FAQs

How can I visit my horse?

There's 2 ways. First is through My Horses under the Horses button and the second is by placing your horse in a barn/stable and clicking on the barn/stable and then on the horse you want to visit.

What is TP versus TPB?

TPB is used for breedables and stands for Talent Points Born With. So example you have a L30 breedable with 16TP total. If you take away the 6 Talent Points you earned leveling it you would see that it was 10TPB.

What is the best personality for which event?

Big Racers love Championships and Flat Track Bullies love all the other current events. There's no best personality, feel free to experiment and ask any questions you have in chat.

What horses can have their personalities changed, and who can change them?

Rewards, Daily Wheel, Raffle, Intentionals and Mini Game horses can all have their personalities changed if they are L5 or under.

What are the fastest ways to train my horse?

Races, Show Jumping, Jousting, Token Hunting and Cross Country are all good ways to train with Cross Country being the fastest.

Where can I find the Loyalty Point value of a horse?

Go to the Horses button and then Breedbook. In the drop down menu on the right go to Rewards or Seasonal Rewards. Find the horse you are wanting to the LP value of and click on it. Under the area titled How to Obtain you will find the LP value.

Horse Buying & Selling

How do I use market filters?

Complete the ranch goal "Buy a Stud" to get practice with filters. You can also follow these steps: Click on Horses tab- Buy/Sell tab-tap the top left window- select the filter you want- fill out any details on the right side of the window- click "add filter"- click "search market".

How can I set a stud fee and what are the rules for the stud market?

To set a stud fee you need to have Club or Gold Club. If you have either of those you are going to go to the Horses button and then to My Horses. Once there find the horse you would like to set a stud fee for and click on it. At the bottom of the picture of the horse there should be an area to put your fee into.

What is the best way to sell a horse?

The best way to sell your horses is by using the pricing guide along with the Market.


Where can I find my active contracts?

To find your active contracts go to the Horses button and click on Jobs Board. Once there go to the Contracts tab. It will show both the horses you have sent out for training and those you are training for other players.

Comeptition FAQs

How can I find a good jockey?

Finding a good jockey takes a lot of time and luck, but you can use the Jockey Scout to help if you are so inclined.

Ranch FAQs

What is a “Home Ranch”?

A Home Ranch is the ranch that you see when you first log into the game. From your ranch you can visit your horses, buy Academy Dollars, access the different menu options at the bottom, open chat, and more! To learn about all the things you can do, make sure you have done your Ranch Tour Goal.

How can I get back to my home ranch quickly?

Open Chat and type in: !ranch Don't forget the ! goes in front.

Ranch Goals FAQs

What are “Ranch Goals”?

Ranch Goals are the goals that teach you the basics of how to play the game. They are blue rectangles in the top left corner of your Home Ranch screen.

What are “repeat” Ranch Goals?

Repeat Goals are goals you don't have to complete, but if you do, you get a nice prize of cash or item. You are competing against other players to be the first to do the goal.

What do I do if I am having trouble completing a goal?

If you are having trouble completing a goal please don't hesitate to ask for help in chat. If you wish to skip the goal, type !nextgoal into chat. Keep in mind that you do not get the goal's prize when you use this code.

Island FAQs

Chat Room FAQs