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Academy Dollars are the premium currency in Horse Academy. By purchasing Academy Dollars you help keep the development of Horse Academy going.

Ways to Earn Academy Dollars

You can earn Academy Dollars by training horses from the Jobs Board that are paying in (ADs). You can also sometimes win them from your Daily Wheel or from Bingo.

How to Buy Academy Dollars

Academy Dollars (ADs) can be purchased by closing chat and hitting the + button next to your (ADs) balance.

You can also buy (ADs) if you send a paypal to If you buy (ADs) with direct paypal, you will get double Loyalty Points (LPs).

There are several (ADs) packs available.

Academy Dollar Packages

Packages Price (USD) LP's LP's with PP
50 5 10 20
105 10 21 42
220 20 44 88
600 50 120 240

Report a payment issue

If you have a payment issue, the creators of the game are happy to help you with this.

If you bought something in Horse Academy through the App store or Google play, send a receipt to: